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The Tattoo Lady

Hi… I’m the tattoo lady! That’s what most people call me when asked who did their tattoo, and that’s great with me! It all began after college(and my wedding) in 1992! I started my art career as a caricature artist ,working for entertainment companies doing caricatures for businesses such as Porche Engineering,the Big Three, and various sports teams such as the Lions, Red Wings and Tigers. I was at one of these events, in 1994, when I was approached by a tattoo artist who recommended that I get into tattooing. So hugely pregnant with my son, I walked into a scary Detroit area tattoo shop where I introduced myself and began to sell my Flash(drawings of tattoos). Then one day in 1997, hugely pregnant with my daughter, I was drawing up artwork for local friends, and I received a phone call from a local well-known tattoo shop. I was asked if I wanted to begin an apprenticeship to learn how to tattoo, as he needed another artist for his busy shop. I jumped at the chance to tattoo! At that time, I was married for 5 years and had my two amazing kids, it was a time when there weren’t very many women in the Tattooing Industry. But I knew I wanted to draw for the rest of my life, as well as get paid for it, so I took on the challenge! It’s been a lifetime later and I have been tattooing for over 18 years! Six of them in my own studio, Strange Daze Tattoos, which my husband and I opened in August of 2009! I am proud to have an awesome crew of artists/friends to work alongside with, as well as my daughter who is an apprentice now! ( My son, in College for Creative Studies in Detroit, is pursuing Film!)I have seen many changes in the Tattoo Industry, both good and not so good, but I am proud to have placed my mark and tattooed some awesome clients/friends! I try very hard to give folks exactly what they want, to the best of my ability, and never stop learning! I hope to continue in this amazing Industry for years to come! Oh, I am also co-owner of a business, Wicked Grips, along with tattooing!(yes, I am a type A personality!) My Husband Ed and I began Wicked Grips in. It is a custom, online art grip company where we design artwork on grips for handguns as well as other firearms. We also make custom guns and gun parts with the help of our son! You can see more at! If you would like to set up a consultation or just want to talk about your ideas please call (810)412-5252 or stop in! I love a Challenge and I would love to meet you!


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By Lisa Strange