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Embrace The Strange

Welcome to the strange, unusual, extraordinary and curious Strange Daze Tattoo Shop, established in 2009 in Davison, Michigan, Genesee County Flint area where oddity and curiosity are embraced. At Strange Daze we believe art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. As you will see we fully embrace and endorse art of all kinds throughout our shop. Much of the art you see at Strange Daze is from our very talented tattoo artists here at the shop, hence the title “artist”. We have many obscure and peculiar art pieces we have collected over time adorning our shop walls. We’re a little bit steampunk and a whole lot original with eyes for detail and precise workmanship. We perform Custom Quality Tattoos in a friendly, professional, fun and clean atmosphere. We hope you appreciate our individuality and enjoy your experience at our shop. Come embrace the Strange!




As artists ourselves, we appreciate art of all formats. From traditional media such as drawings and paintings to sculptural and mixed media. As you walk into our shop you will be overtaken by art and images of all kinds and forms. Our choices in art are in some ways windows into our souls. The more knowledge and understanding one has about art the better they can develop and improve upon their own styles and techniques of art. Not only is art on a canvas collectible, so is art on the body. Fine tuning our skills as artists in other formats directly affects our skills and abilities as fine tattoo artists.